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What’s New In Rehearsal® Pro
Getting Set Up With Rehearsal® Pro

Account Management

How to activate your account (required)
Your script+USERNAME Email Address
How To Add Additional Senders
Changing Your Password
Adding Rehearsal® Pro To Another Device

Exploring Rehearsal® Pro

Exploring the Main Menu
Exploring Add New Script
Exploring My Scripts
Exploring My Scenes
COMING SOON: Exploring Help
COMING SOON: Exploring Store
COMING SOON: Exploring Accounts/Settings
COMING SOON: Exploring Register/Login

Adding Scripts To Rehearsal® Pro

Emailing A Script To Rehearsal® Pro
Adding A (Physical) Script With A Camera and Adobe Scan
Adding A Script From Google Drive
Adding A Script From Dropbox
Adding A Script From iCloud
Adding A Script From Box
COMING SOON: Adding Shakespeare Screenplays
COMING SOON: Scanning a script to send
COMING SOON: Adding a new script
Using The Script Information Screen

Script Prep

The Script Prep Process
Rotating pages
Cropping pages
Tinting pages
Collating pages

Script Markup

How to highlight your script
COMING SOON: Scribbling
Blackout mode
Erasing Mistakes
COMING SOON: Adding comments
Adding beat marks

Recording And Rehearsing Scenes

How to record a scene
How to rehearse a scene
Grouping scenes
Recording and rehearsing with Linesets
COMING SOON: Deleting scenes
COMING SOON: Renaming scenes
COMING SOON: Recording and submitting a VO audition

Managing Scripts: Syncing, Printing, Searching and more

Syncing Markup
COMING SOON: Printing a script
COMING SOON: Resetting a script
COMING SOON: Go To a page
COMING SOON: Searching in a script

Sharing, Gifting and More

COMING SOON: Social media sharing
COMING SOON: Gifting Rehearsal® Pro

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