How To Rehearse A Scene

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Rehearsing a scene, learning your lines and discovering new ways to deliver them is the heart and soul of Rehearsal® Pro. You’ll play back the scene, then speak over your own lines and let the scene partners’ lines guide you through the scene. The playback will repeat automatically until you stop it, and the repetition will quickly get you off book.

To rehearse your scene, select the scene you want to use in your My Scenes area (not your My Scripts area):


That will load up your selected scene and display it, ready to play.

Here’s a video that shows you the whole process:

And here’s the step-by-step process:

• To rehearse any scene, select it in My Scenes. Once the scene loads, tap on the play button at the very right of the bottom toolbar. You’ll hear three ADR beeps to allow you to get set, then your scene will begin.

• You’ll notice both a timer, and a progress button that travels along the bottom of your screen. If you go up on a line and want to go back, just drag that progress button to the left. Likewise, if you want to jump to a later point in the script, just drag the button to the right.

• As you first listen to your scenes, you can watch the script scroll by, and say your lines as they come up. Don’t worry about your performance just yet – that will naturally flow into your work as you repeat the process.

• Let Rehearsal® Pro say your scene partners’ lines. You’ll begin to remember the ends of their lines as the aural cues for your lines.

• Once you get to the end of the scene, Rehearsal® Pro will immediately repeat the scene, with the ADB beeps giving you a few seconds to reset yourself emotionally, as you restart the scene.

• Do this repeatedly until you are well versed in the lines, and you’ve started to feel out the way you’re going to perform the scene.

• When you’re finished, tap on the stop button at the very left of the bottom toolbar. This button is a stop button only while you’re playing back. It’s the record button when recording.

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