How To Add Additional Senders

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We only allow scripts to be sent to your script+username Rehearsal® Pro email address from the address you registered with – and any address you yourself add to your account. This can be your agent, manager, the production office of a show you’re working on, but no one else. We do this for security purposes, and so that your Rehearsal® Pro account doesn’t get spammed.

If you want to add additional senders, it’s easy (and if you want to remove a sender, scroll to the bottom of this page for those simple directions).

Here’s a video that shows you the whole process:

And here’s how to do it step by step:

1. From the Main Menu, tap on the Account/Settings button in the lower right hand corner. (If that button says Register/Login, then log in to your account first.)

2. Scroll almost to the bottom of your account page and tap on Add another email address.

3. Tap in the email address you’d like to add to your approved senders list. Be very careful to be accurate when tapping in the address.

4. When you’re finished, tap Done, just above the keyboard.

5. To complete the process, tap Update just below where you entered the new sender email address, and your newly added address will now be able to send you scripts. You’ll see a message at the top of your page that shows you the address has been added, and the email address you added will receive a message, telling them that they’ve been added.

To remove an approved sender, go to this same screen and tap the check box next to the address you want to remove, then tap Update. The address will be deleted from your list.

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