Exploring The Main Menu

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The Main Menu on Rehearsal® Pro is the starting point for you when working with the app. It has several buttons, and you should know what they all do. We’ll explore each of the areas the buttons take you to in individual help videos.

Here’s a video that shows you what each button is and what they control:

Button by button

Here are all the buttons on the Main Menu and what they do:

  1. The Information button: shows you information about the Rehearsal® Pro app
  2. The Add New Script button: shows you scripts that have been sent to the app, and scripts you’ve already added.
  3. The My Scripts button: shows you scripts in your Rehearsal® Pro library
  4. The My Scenes button: shows you scenes you’ve recorded
  5. The Help button: shows you these help files, FAQs and tutorials
  6. The Store button: shows you products that might be useful in your acting career
  7. The Account/Settings button: active when logged in, shows you your account information
  8. The Register/Login button: active when you have yet to register the app, or need to log in

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