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Step 2 of the 4 steps in the Prep Script process is cropping pages. This allows you to grab just what you need from each of your scanned in (and maybe now rotated) pages.

Cropping really helps you when you get a script that’s been scanned in with side-by-side pages – you can crop the left and right pages in separate pieces, in order, and can then work with the script as normal. Rehearsal® Pro works best with a single column of pages, not the side-by-side look of double pages – you want to be able to smoothly scroll down your pages as you work, not scroll down the left side of each page, then up to the top of the right side and down.

Here’s a video that shows you the whole process:

And here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Add your new script, name it, save any information on the Script Information screen and then tap on Prep Script (not Rehearsal) to start the cropping process.
  2. You’ll be asked, “Would you like to rotate any or all of the pages in this script?” You can either answer Yes if you need to rotate the pages, or No if you don’t. If you need instruction on how to rotate the pages of your script, you can find them here.
  3. You’ll then be asked, “Would you like to crop any or all of the pages in this script?”. Here, tap on Yes.
  4. You’ll now see a screen whose title is the title of your script. Scroll to the first page you want to crop a new page from. You don’t have to crop from any page that doesn’t help you rehearse, like cover pages, title pages etc.
  5. Tap on that first page.
  6. You’ll now see that page with a blue frame to the left. You can drag that frame anywhere you like, and you can resize the frame from any corner to outline just what you want cropped from the page.
  7. Position the frame to border the lines on the left page first. You want that page ahead of the right page when you’re finished.
  8. Once you have the frame positioned where you want it, tap Preview in the upper right hand corner of your screen.
  9. If the preview looks right, tap on Add Page. The page will be cropped and sent to the beginning, or top, of the script. (If you don’t have it quite right, and need to reposition the cropped area, tap on Cancel instead, and reposition the frame.) The page will float up (to the beginning of the script).
  10. You now are back on the Crop Page screen, and you can now move the frame to the right page, and repeat the cropping process to send that second page to the top of the script, just after the first page you cropped. Now, the pages are in order: “cropped” page 1 (the left hand page you cropped), then “cropped” page 2 (the right hand page you cropped), then original page 1, original page 2 etc. You won’t see this, but that’s how they are now arranged.
  11. Once you’re done cropping from an original page, tap on Pages to go back to your original script. Scroll down to the next page you want to crop from, and repeat the process for all of the pages you want to crop.
  12. Once you’ve finished, go back to your Pages one last time, and instead of choosing a page to crop, instead, tap on Next in the upper right hand corner.
  13. You’ll now be asked to choose an action: delete the original scanned in pages, leaving only your cropped pages in this script (very useful when all you have to do is crop the pages, and nothing else), or keep the original pages. We suggest deleting the original scanned in pages, so you can move on to rehearsing. If you choose to delete the original pages, there will be a warning to make sure that’s what you want to do. Just a fail-safe.

Once you’ve finished all your cropping, Rehearsal® Pro will ask you if you want to tint pages of your script. That’s Step 3.

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