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Step 1 in the Script Prep process is rotating your pages.

Why would you want to do that? Stage actors are the most likely candidates for this Script Prep step, since producers will often take the play folio, open up the book, plop it face down on the scanner and scan each set of side-by-side pages until they have the script copied. Then, they send it off to the actor.

But Rehearsal® Pro works with single pages, not side by side pages two at a time. Not to worry – rotating pages is your first step.

You can rotate any page to the left, to the right, upside down, however you need to correct the way the pages were scanned, before moving on to tint any pages in step 4.

Here’s a video that shows you how to rotate your pages, with a step-by-step below that:

Step by step

  1. Once you tap on Prep Script, you’ll be asked if you want to rotate your script’s pages. If you do, tap Yes.
  2. To rotate a single page within a script, scroll through your script to locate page you want to rotate. Tap once on that page to select it. To select all pages, tap on the Select All Pages button (the 4th of 5 buttons on the bottom bar). If you decide you don’t want any pages selected, tap on the Deselect All Pages button (the 5th of 5 buttons)
  3. Once you select a page (or all pages), a blue check mark will appear on any selected page.
  4. Tap on the icon that shows you the rotation you want: 90 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right, or 180 degrees upside down.
  5. Repeat that for all pages you want to rotate.
  6. Tap Next when you’re finished.

Once finished, Rehearsal® Pro will ask if you want to crop content from your pages. And that’s the next step, Step 2, of the Script Prep process.

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