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Step 4, the final step in the Script Prep process, is collating your pages, by moving pages around and changing the order in a script, by removing pages from the existing script, or by adding pages from another script, after tinting any pages in step 3. Just answer positively to the request asking you if you want to collate any pages.

Again, you can also do this ad hoc, when working with any script in My Scripts, by choosing Collate from the menu in the upper left hand corner.

Here’s a video that shows you how to collate your pages, with a step-by-step below that:

Step by step

  1. Once you finish any rotating, cropping or tinting, you’ll be asked if you want to collate your script’s pages. If you do, tap Yes.
  2. To move pages within a script, scroll through your script until you find a page you want to move.
  3. Use the thumb on the right of the page to move the page where you want it to be.
  4. Repeat that for all pages you want to move.
  5. To delete pages within a script, scroll to the page you’d like to delete, and either swipe to the left to reveal the Delete button, or tap in the red circled hyphen on the left side of the page to reveal it. Then tap on Delete to delete the page.
  6. Repeat that for all pages you want deleted.
  7. To add pages from a script, tap on the plus sign in the green field at the right of your screen.
  8. Pick the script from which you want to add pages from your list of scripts. That script will appear on the right hand side of your screen, next to the current script you’re prepping.
  9. Tap and hold to move any pages to be added or rearranged in either script to wherever you want them to be, deleting unnecessary pages as you wish.
  10. When you have everything the way you want, tap Save at the bottom of the script.
  11. Tap Next or Done when you’re finished.

Once finished, Rehearsal® Pro then show you your newly collated and fully prepped script, and you can continue on with the rehearsal process, to mark it up and rehearse with it.

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