What’s New In Rehearsal® Pro

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Rehearsal® 2 changed the way over 100,000 actors learned their lines, explored their characters and mastered their scenes. And now, Rehearsal® Pro has been redesigned from the ground up to help you get off-book and book more work.

Here’s what’s new in Rehearsal® Pro:

  • Rehearsal® Pro has iOS 9+ look and feel
  • Redesigned Main Menu
  • Redesigned About screen
  • Add scripts by taking photos of physical pages with the device’s camera
  • Add scripts from cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and iCloud
  • Edit the list of scripts in Add New Script
  • Add and edit project information for each script
  • Edit the name of any script
  • Rearrange the order of scripts in My Scripts
  • Archive scripts you no longer want shown in My Scripts
  • Sync scripts between your devices
  • Rotate pages scanned in “sideways”
  • Crop content from side-by-side pages
  • Collate pages: add, delete or rearrange pages
  • Tint pages to standard rewrite colors
  • Edit the name of any scene
  • Rearrange the order of scenes in My Scenes
  • Group scenes for multi-scene rehearsal
  • Sync scenes between your devices
  • 10 highlighter colors
  • 6 highlighter stroke thicknesses
  • 10 scribble colors
  • 6 scribble stroke thicknesses
  • Undo like an Etch-A-Sketch: just shake your device
  • Choose the highlight color you want to blackout
  • Tap to erase markup
  • Select region to erase markup
  • Recording timer
  • Pause when recording/resume recording
  • Playback timer
  • Pause when playing back/resume playback
  • Drag progress button forward/backward in scenes
  • An adjustable timeline allowing selected portions of scenes to be repeated
  • Text comments content now visible on the script page
  • Photo comments content now visible on the script page
  • Video comments content now playable on the script page
  • Audio comments content now playable on the script page
  • All comments are resizable and movable
  • All comments can be minimized to an icon
  • Print any marked up script to AirPrint
  • Print any marked up script to PDF
  • Email scripts as PDF
  • Email scene audio/VO auditions as MP3
  • Add/edit bookmarks
  • Go to any page number
  • Search for content in text-based PDFs

…and so much more.

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