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After cropping any pages you care to, Step 3 in the Script Prep process is tinting any or all pages in a script, with revision colors.

(You can also tint pages by choosing the Tint menu item when viewing a script in My Scripts.)

Here’s a video that shows you how to tint your pages, with a step-by-step below that:

Step by step

  1. Once you finish cropping pages (or answering No to cropping pages), you’ll be asked if you want to tint any pages. If you do, tap Yes.

    Or, when in a script after you’ve begun to rehearse with it, choose Tint from the menu in the upper right hand corner.

  2. Scroll through the pages of your script until you find a page you want tinted. Tap on the page.
  3. On the color picker that comes up, tap on the color you want to tint the page with. A check mark will appear.
  4. Tap Done to confirm your choice. You’ll be returned to your now tinted page in your script. If you want to clear that color, tap on the tinted page.
  5. Repeat that for all pages you want tinted.
  6. Tap Next when you’re finished.

Once finished, Rehearsal® Pro will save all the prep changes you’ve made, and will present you with the newly prepped script, ready for rehearsing. It will then ask you if you want to collate your script (adding, deleting or rearranging pages), which we’ll cover in the next video – just click or tap on the link below.

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