Your script+USERNAME Address

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When you first register for Rehearsal® Pro, you register with your email address, and you choose a username, password and more.

The email address you register with is the only email address you can send scripts FROM (unless you add additional authorized senders).

Once you’ve registered, you’re assigned a unique email address in our system that is only email address you can send scripts TO your copy of Rehearsal® Pro. It’s in the form of:

…where USERNAME is your chosen username. So, if your Rehearsal® Pro username is “joesmith” your personal, permanent address for this account is:

(note that the word “script” in the email address is just simply the word “script,” not the name of any script or it’s filename you might be sending – just “script”)

Please make sure you know exactly what your script+USERNAME email address is, and that you make an entry for it in your email contacts. We suggest that you make the name associated with that contact the word “Scripts.” Don’t make it “Rehearsal” because when you start typing in R-e-h… your email service might autopopulate our support address ( – and sending your scripts there won’t work.

Here’s a video that gives you an review of your script+USERNAME email address:

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