The Script Prep Process

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Sometimes, a script isn’t in perfect screenplay shape: single page, portrait, uniformly letter or A4 sized and continuous.

(NOTE: If your script is in great shape, and it will be if it has been generated from Final Draft, Word, celtx or any other word processing or playwriting software, you don’t have to prep your script at all. You can skip this whole process and just tap on Rehearsal button on the screen that asks if you want to prep your script as shown below.)

But sometimes, you receive your script and it isn’t in great shape to use in Rehearsal. A typical situation might be when you receive a script for a play, that is scanned in, two pages at a time, side by side, and rotated 90 degrees out of position, as shown below:

And that’s where Rehearsal® Pro’s Script Prep process comes in, and we’ve made it a seamless, modular process for you to use.

If you choose the Prep Script button instead, as shown below…

…you then take 4 different optional steps, in a series, to prep your scripts for use in the app:

1. You first can rotate any or all pages 90 degrees left, 90 degrees right, or 180 degrees upside down. You can also skip the rotation step, and not rotate any pages.

2. You can then crop content from the pages you have, either having rotated the pages or skipping that step. In the case of the script above, you’d crop the left hand page, then the right hand page, etc. But a script might just be in need of some trimming here and there. You can skip this cropping step as well, and not crop any of your content.

3. You can then tint any of your pages in industry-standard revision colors, like blue, pink, yellow, green, goldenrod, buff etc. You can skip this tinting step as well, and not tint any of your pages.

4. Finally, you can collate your pages, removing pages you don’t need or want, and moving new updated pages into another existing script. You can skip this final collation step as well, and move right to rehearsing your script.

A note about collation: you don’t need to remove pages in your script, just because you don’t have lines on them (there may be very important information on those pages that give you clues you might find useful about your character, other characters and the story). Rehearsal® Pro doesn’t make you scroll through pages to get to your next scene; you simply pick the scene you want to move to in My Scenes. You can also bookmark pages in your script.

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