Adding A Script From Google Drive

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icon-google-driveSometimes, scripts are so large that they can’t be sent to Rehearsal® Pro via email.

This is usually due to them being scanned in at too high a quality level than required, resulting in very large file sizes. Users then resort to using a cloud service, like Google Drive, to upload the script and send a link to the file.

Simply sending a link to a file you have stored (or have been given access to) in Google Drive won’t be visible to our servers. Don’t send an email to your script+username address with a Google Drive link – it won’t work.

You either need to attach the actual PDF of the script, or, if the script is too large to attach, follow the step-by-step directions below for Google Drive:

  1. Make sure you have the Google Drive app. You can get it from the iTunes App Store. It’s free.
  2. Using the Google Drive app, upload your script and view it (or view a script you’ve been given access to) on your iPhone or iPad.
  3. Tap on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right.
  4. Tap on the icon that looks like four arrows pointing up, down, left and right. It’s labeled Open in.
  5. Slide to the Rehearsal® Pro icon in the list of apps, then tap on it to add your script.
  6. Go to the Add New Script area in Rehearsal® Pro and you’ll see the script there.

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