Working With Text Comments

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The options for leaving notes or comments for yourself, when marking up your script on an electronic device, like your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, are a lot more varied than just a pen and paper would allow.

Rehearsal® Pro gives you several ways to leave comments (other than writing them with the Scribble tool. Let’s look at the first of four, text comments.

Text comments are boxes that sit on top of your script, containing text. You can use them for reminders, blocking notes, choices you might make and so on…and the key is, they are textual. (We’ll show you how to use the others in separate help pages and videos.)

Here’s a video that shows you how to create and manage text comments, with a step-by-step below that:

Step by step

To use text comments:

  1. Place a text comment by double-tapping on your script where you want the comment to be.
  2. Choose “Text” from the pop up menu, then choose “Create”.
  3. Type in whatever text you want to appear in the text comment on the screen.
  4. When you’re finished typing in your text, tap “Done”.
  5. Resize your text comment by tapping and dragging the double-arrow icon in the lower right corner of the comment pane.
  6. Move your fully expanded text comment around on the screen by tapping, holding and dragging the “title bar” area of the comment pane. There is no title, but just drag what would be the title bar, the top of the comment pane.
  7. To collapse your text comment to an icon, just tap on the icon that looks like lines of text in the upper left hand corner of the comment pane.
  8. Move your collapsed-to-an-icon text comment around on the screen by tapping, holding and dragging the icon itself.
  9. To expand a text comment from an icon to a fully expanded comment pane, just tap on the icon itself.
  10. To delete a text comment, make sure it’s fully expanded, then tap on the X in the upper right hand corner of the comment pane. Then, confirm your choice in the pop-up alert.

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