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Managing Rehearsal® Pro

Why do I have to register?
Professional actors work in a closed environment, where keeping sides and scripts safe is paramount. And that safety begins with being accurate with email addresses. Registration and activation of an account allows us to maintain that accuracy and privacy. The action of having you respond to an email addressed to what you entered in your registration screen assures that you tapped it in correctly, and that it was you who actually started the registration process.

Why do I have to authorize other email accounts to send?
We don’t want any spam to be able to get into your Rehearsal® Pro inbox, so we only allow authorized email addresses, email addresses that you confirm that you want to be able to send scripts to Rehearsal® Pro, to get through.

Are my scripts safe? I signed an NDA, you know.
Although no security efforts will ever be 100% impenetrable, we’ve employed, since the very beginnings of Rehearsal in 2009, many different and simultaneous methods of keeping your scripts safe. Bi-direction encryption in the app and on our servers, with the highest strength algorithms available, the authorization of you and any added senders, registration of all users and more.

We never see, and can’t see your scripts, so your NDA is not being violated (we actually worked with the studios on this). A great example is the highly-safeguarded MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD scripts that one of our best known users, Clark Gregg (Director Coulson), pulls into Rehearsal® Pro every single day he’s shooting (and 144,000 other users with similar requirements do as well).

Truth be told, just sending out a script as an attachment is far more dangerous for the producer than you sending it to Rehearsal® Pro, because the recipient could simply forward it, by mistake or on purpose, to anyone via email. They could post it online in a fan forum. They could share plot points via social media. But that can’t happen with our closed, protected system.

Here, in a video interview in Variety, Christian Slater talks about his use of Rehearsal, and is asked by Homeland’s Miranda Otto about the safety of the scripts:

Hopefully, she’ll see this answer and know why we think we safeguard our users’ scripts very well.

Is there an Android or Macintosh version of Rehearsal® Pro?
No, there isn’t. It’s only available for iOS devices, like iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch.

What does the red badge on the app's icon mean?
​That’s the number of scripts you have in your New Scripts category in Add New Script. As soon as you add a script to your My Scripts library, that number will update to reflect the scripts still waiting.

Getting Scripts into Rehearsal® Pro

I can't send my script via email. It's too big.
Usually, scripts should be a few megabytes at most, often less than 1 megabyte when pure text. But sometimes, scanned scripts can be so large they need to be sent via a cloud account. Check the help files for how to get scripts into Rehearsal® Pro from the cloud account you use.

Using Rehearsal® Pro

Does Rehearsal® Pro have a dark mode?
No, it doesn’t. Rehearsal does it’s level best to recreate what happens in the real world with paper scripts, and there are no scripts that are black pages with white type in the real world. Even colored revisions are light paper with black type. We realize it would be less bright in a dark theater or on a dim sound stage to have a dark mode, but that’s what the brightness control on your iPhone or iPad is all about.

Where is the scene I've recorded? I can't find it.
You’re probably in My Scripts, as opposed to where all your scripts are stored: My Scenes. Go to My Scenes from the main menu, and you’ll find them all.

I got a phone call while I was recording. It stopped Rehearsal® Pro from recording. Can I pick up where I left off, or do I have to start all over again?
We strongly suggest that you set your device to Do Not Disturb (DND) mode before you start recording. If you get a notification during your recording session, it may or may not halt the recording (and no, you can’t pick up where you left off if it gets stopped). If you get a phone call, the recording will always be stopped, and you’ll have to re-record your scene or Lineset line.

I can't record. It just keeps beeping at me.
Make sure Rehearsal® Pro has permission to use your device’s microphone. Go to the Settings app >> Privacy >> Microphone and check.

How do I rename a scene?
1. Go to My Scenes.
2. Tap on the Edit button in the upper right hand corner.
3. Tap on the scene name.
4. Rename.
5. Tap Done.

I can't hear playback. I see the meters moving, but no sound.
Make sure your device is not muted, and make sure you don’t have the volume turned all the way down. Also, check to make sure you don’t have a Bluetooth device engaged, like a set of earbuds, a smart speak, or a car audio system that may not have the volume turned up.

How do I get Siri to read my scene partner's lines?
You don’t. It sounds cool, but it would be anything but.

Professional actors don’t find using a disembodied voice, like a digital assistant’s, to be at all helpful with the context of the scene. These voices only say a line one way. Always. That’s not useful to you as a pro, so, no, there is no option for that in Rehearsal® Pro.

Here, watch this to see why:

Helpful Tools

Why can't I search my script?
Rehearsal® Pro gives you an alert when you try to search in a graphic-based PDF, like a scan. You can search text-based PDFs.

Even More Info

Why did all my markup disappear after a sync?

This usually happens when you tap the SYNC button on a script that has been marked up on a different device. Remember, tapping the SYNC button replaces what’s on all other devices with the marked up version of your current device.

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